Cindy & Henson’s Engagement
Cindy & Henson's Engagement

It seemed like yesterday when me and Cindy used to work at the same office and we she was telling me about this new guy that she had just started to date. I remember she was super shy about giving me details. Who knew I would end up working with Henson later in my career […]

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Becky & David’s Engagement
Becky & David's Engagement

My first engagement shoot with a pet! Becky & David’s dog is called Bamboo. They adopted him from a friend a few years ago and both love him as if he’s their own kid. Becky & David loves taking long walks with Bamboo on the weekends when they’re not working. Sounds like they’re one big […]

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Clarine & Kelvin’s Engagement
Clarine & Kelvin's Engagement

Congrats Clarine & Kelvin on your engagement! Clarine an I used to go to school together and I could not be happier for her when I found out that she was engaged. The two of them looked like models in our photo session together. Great job! Location: Granville Island & Olympic Village

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Karin & Jason’s Engagement
Karin & Jason's Engagement

I had a super fun engagement session with Karin & Jason today. These two were constantly making funny faces at each other and making the other person laugh. You could tell how much they loved each other just being around them. Even though the weather was drizzling a bit, you could never tell from the […]

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Monica & Daniel’s Engagement
Monica & Daniel's Engagement

Monica and Daniel had on the most romantic love stories I’ve ever heard. The two of them met in high school and Daniel always had a crush on her. Nothing ever happened and they moved to different countries after school. It wasn’t until they reconnected via Facebook later that fell in love with each other. […]

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